Our Vision

The CHERISH-DE Centre at Swansea University celebrates the importance of the little things in life, seeing them as an important driver of big technology and service innovation. We work to make sure people feel empowered by the coming digital revolution. We want a digital economy that serves and understands our individual, family and community values, allowing them to evolve through meaningful engagement with digital systems and services.

What is on the horizon?

Over the next five years, the seductively exciting world of Big Technology hyped and researched in industrial and university labs may fully emerge. This will be the world of “the cloud”, “the internet of things” and “big data”, characterised by vast storage and processing capabilities; always-on communications, and autonomous, intelligent systems. capable of polling diverse sensors and manipulating a panoply of actuators in the environment.

How do we harness this potential to enable a better human experience?

The CHERISH-DE Centre is centred on an understanding of the human context and condition alongside the potential and limitations of digital technologies. We engage with talented researchers and support interdisciplinary work to weave new socio-technical materials that provide effective, comforting and pleasing fabrics to support future living. The centre is part of a Digital Economy network, funded by the EPSRC.

What is our focus?

The centre focuses on three inter-related areas to stimulate and support digital innovations to sustain, enhance, and secure life.

What are our objectives?

  1. Maximise impact of the unique Challenging Human Environment Digital Economy research grown within Swansea
  2. Act as a beacon for an innovative impact-led way of working
  3. Develop a generation of ambassadors who will be the sustaining dynamic of Digital Economy working

What do we hope to produce?

We want to kindle wide-reaching, exciting research that enriches the social, economic and cultural life of UK citizens. This will include:

  • convincing case-studies
  • proofs-of-concepts
  • toolkits to platform future product, policy and service development
  • creating and equipping a cadre of next generation Digital Economy (DE) ambassadors.

Why at Swansea University?

The centre draws on the university’s well-established interdisciplinary research strengths:

  • Understanding people - from modelling infusion pumps to accommodate medic behaviour, to historians deploying pico-projectors to uncover effective ways of managing cultural regeneration. From social scientists understanding the social care and digital inclusivity needs of older people, to ensuring that individuals are at the heart of research and have a voice.From working with Indian storytellers, to developing apps for digital scrapbooks…

  • Engaging with stakeholders - from participatory design, to pioneering understandings and use of “in the wild” technique. From large corporates such as the BBC R&D, IBM, NHS, DVLA, to small-to-medium sized enterprises throughout the world…

  • Embedded cross-disciplinary research culture from the innovative methods of “Bridging the Gaps”, to the cross-campus Swansea University Research Forum (SURF) programme, now in its sixth year. From the cohort of University-funded interdisciplinary PhD studentships to the pan-Wales Welsh Crucible scheme to develop ECRs.