Learning Through Stories

CHERISH-DE is excited to host Alka Hingorani & Sanket Pethkar to learn about, and explore collaborations on, their Learn English Through Stories (LETS) project. The project aims at facilitating English language learning in resource constrained environments, through engagement with stories written and illustrated by the children themselves. An example of such a story can be seen in the above banner image.
LETS also uses mobile technologies that employ Same-Language-Subtitling, voice overs, and voice recording software to encourage active listening and reading aloud. The above books and stories illustrated and brought to imaginative life by the children supplement the animated stories they see and hear and respond to on tablets. The project is intensely collaborative, melding art and language and literature in ways that turn accepted relationships—teacher/learner, creator/consumer—on their heads.
It are these collaborations that we will explore and extend with Alka & Sanket when they visit Swansea University on Monday February 27th & Tuesday February 28th 2017. Guest Lecture - Monday 27th February 2017 - 16:00-17:00 - Wallace Lecture Theatre, Wallace Building - Singleton Campus
Please join the CHERISH-DE Centre on Monday February 27th 16:00-17:00 Wallace Lecture Theatre as we host a lecture by Prof. Alka Hingorani & Sanket Pethkar (IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India) on their Learn English Through Stories (LETS) project. There are two primary motivations, one, to reinforce the role of children as content creators rather than mere consumers, and two, to enable learning outside of a structured English language classroom. Alka & Sanket will reflect on their process as well as materials and technologies used and identify areas for future, collaborative research.
Refreshments will be served after the lecture.
Design Workshop - Tuesday 28th February 2017 - 10:00-16:00 - Margam 318, Margam Building - Singleton Campus
Following Alka & Sanket's lecture we'll be hosting a design workshop surrounding Alka & Sanket's project where we'll brainstorm collaborations, prototypes, and ideas for extending the Learn English Through Stories project. As the LETS project is inherently interdisciplinary, we welcome participation from interested parties across Swansea University's colleges, especially if your research interests touch on storytelling, education, literacy & reading, linguistics, community centred & participatory methodologies, content creation & publishing, and/or mobile technologies. If your schedules don't allow for a whole day's participation, please feel free to attend either a morning 10:00 or afternoon 14:00 session.
The workshop will be catered.
If you are interested in attending the workshop or if you or your research group would like to meet with Alka & Sanket before their 16h00 lecture, please email Thomas Reitmaier (Thomas.Reitmaier@Swansea.ac.uk).