Oversight and Governance

To ensure that the Centre delivers against strategic objectives and milestones, a formal system of governance has been established, with an Oversight Committee, a Steering Group providing the Centre’s direction, and an International Reference Group to provide external critique and calibration. The Oversight Committee is the Centre’s senior governing body and provides strategic direction and oversight. Simon Gibson, Chief Executive of Wesley Clover Corporation and Chair of the Alacrity Foundation, is chair of the Committee. The other members include Swansea’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) and a representative from EPSRC. The Committee meets at least twice each academic year. The Steering Group – consisting of the investigators and representatives from end-user stakeholders - meets quarterly, or as required. Its remit is to shape calls and assess bids for seedcorn funding and allocate funding to activities, to oversee Knowledge Transfer and User Engagement activities, and to monitor targets and deliverables. An international Reference Group provides external calibration and validation of our activities. It supports the Centre in setting research agendas and will work with us to ensure that the research programme delivers against its responsible innovation commitments. The Group comprises representation from Université de Grenoble, Texas A&M University, Georgia Tech, University of Capetown, Sweden’s Mobile Life Excellence Centre and the Framework for Research in Responsible ICT innovation.