Profiling cybercrime offenders in Wales

The three key objectives of this project are:
  • to produce an empirically-grounded understanding of cybercrime and cyber criminals in South Wales by utilising official police data;
  • to disseminate these results in order to inform and improve policy and police practice and;
  • to generate a set of recommendations for the reform of existing data collection and data analysis practices.
While the main CHERISH-DE theme addressed by this project is safety and security, it also strongly promotes interdisciplinary research between the disciplines of law, criminology and computer science. Understanding cybercrime and responding effectively to it is essential to harness the potential of the internet for bettering human experience and curtailing the potential harm it can also facilitate. Thus this research is motivated and driven by furthering an academic understanding of cyber criminality as well as addressing the needs of practitioners. This proposal will identify administrative records providing data on cybercrime suspects, so as to develop empirically-grounded understanding of cyber criminality in Wales. In terms of outcomes, a set of policy recommendations identifying existing gaps in the administrative data collection and analysis procedures will be produced. Furthermore, visual analytics and data visualisation techniques will be utilised to fully communicate the results of this research to police forces across Wales. Finally, in addition to academic journal articles and conference presentations, a research Symposium will be held at the University, maximising the impact of this project and ensuring dissemination of results to a wider audience. The total work plan will take over nine months and the total project cost will be £2,313.81