A Cyber-Technology Framework for Evaluating and Improving Criminal Justice Practice

The CHERISH-DE themes addressed by this project are: to maximise the impact of the Challenging Human Environment Digital Economy; and to act as a beacon for an innovative way of working. The project focuses on three main objectives:
  • to facilitate evaluations of frontline criminal justice practices in order to identify and promote professional practice skills that correlate with reductions in reoffending rates.
  • to promote human security and improved service user wellbeing through criminal justice practices that facilitate service user access to resources such as adequate education, training and employment.
  • to enhance the professional development of criminal justice practitioners such as Youth Justice practitioners and Probation practitioners.
The research will involve designing a software package that will enable the Swansea Service Evaluation Team’s (SSET’s) research users to record and save supervision sessions for future evaluations. There will be three main steps in the implementation of this project; the scoping phase when SSET will generate survey data from 100 practitioners, the design and test phase to create a prototype of the software, and the roll out phase. The project team, based in Swansea, will achieve the project’s objectives by promoting innovative impact-led practice, generating and analysing big data, and by using cyber technology to promote human security, thus developing next generation methods of working. Researchers and partners from criminal justice research and computer science research will be involved on this project. A Computer Science Research Assistant will be also recruited and SSET will invite partners from other disciplines to help extend the use of the software package. The project’s outcomes will include the dissemination of knowledge, the impact evaluation to inform practice, and a symposium that will be held to inform policy. The total work plan will take over six months and the total project cost will be £4,544.48