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The CHERISH Digital Economy Centre

Humans at the heart of technology

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The CHERISH Digital Economy Centre

Humans at the heart of technology


We are a new multidisciplinary research centre based at Swansea University, tasked with bringing about a sea-change in how the digital economy impacts on humans, society and industry.

Our funding opportunities act as a catalyst to explore how to deliver digital innovations that help people relate and respond to our rapidly expanding technological world, with a focus on health and social care, resource-constrained communities, heritage, and cybersecurity and cyberterrorism.

What does CHERISH-DE stand for?

The acronym CHERISH-DE stands for Challenging Human Environments and Research Impact for a Sustainable and Healthy Digital Economy.

The name reflects the centre’s focus on creating opportunities for collaborations that cherish and grow transformational digital ideas to enhance and support our individual lives, in even the most challenging environments.

What funding is available?

We offer a range of funding opportunities including:

  • Escalator Seedcorn funding (£5K/£10K/£15K)
  • International Mobility (up to £2K)
  • Industry Secondments (up to £2K)

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Health and Social Care

Resource Constrained Communities

Safety and Security


Prof. Matt Jones

Principal Investigator

2nd Floor

Wallace Building

Clare Henson

Project Manager

Room 956

Talbot Building

Rhiannon Egerton

User Engagement Officer

Room 953

Talbot Building

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